Roobla: a multidimensional culture site

We are building a major CMS for Roobla, a UK based culture start-up – Entertainment reviews, news and features


Roobla is a start-up entertainment news, reviews and features website. They have been publishing content since 2010. However, the market has become saturated and they wanted a way to stand out.

They decided that they had outgrown WordPress (wonderful as it is), so set upon getting their own CMS. One that can be built specifically with the user in mind. Their plan? To change from publishing content of an internal editorial team, to allowing anyone to publish, whilst maintaining that quality content is prioritised.

The new CMS has a kind of social network feel, allowing users to follow, like and comment, as well as there being a forum aspect. Users can start and contribute to forum topics of all subjects.

The new content system allows editors to keep track on who is producing which content and when their deadlines are. The brains of the system will automatically notify users when something is close to due date.


Our main challenge was to move away from WordPress, making sure that all published content was not lost, or broken. We also had to convert plugins used within WordPress into built-in site functionality. We had to achieve this whilst making sure that the security of the site’s users was unbreakeable and the speed at which the site navigates remains as fast as possible on their server. All this whilst maintaining the site’s branding and values.


In progress