MI Pumps CMS and branding

An all-in-one client relationship management CMS

Branding for Work Horse CMS


MI Pumps, a fire sprinkler pump company, desired a CMS (central management system), a new front-end and new branding. The CMS was for use by internal staff and external client use at the same time. It was important that sales, customers (orders, invoices, product data) and their front facing website could all be managed in one place, from multiple devices.


MI Pumps did not have a website or any software for client management. They still wrote their invoices manually. We had the opportunity to build their software from the ground up, bespoke to their exact needs. The challenge was making sure that the process of moving from hard copies to digital was painless for their staff, clients and suppliers.


We built, and continue to manage and develop, a CMS that allows customers to log in and manage their invoices as well as keep tabs on the assets that MI Pumps manage.

The CMS, that we like to call ‘Work Horse’, has given MI Pumps a distinctive advantage over its competitors, without breaking the bank to get there.

The new website we developed for them comes built into the CMS, providing an easy access point to the CMS for MI Pump’s staff and customers. Pages and content on their website can be updated or added within the CMS back office.

On launch of MI Pump’s new CMS and website, we also unveiled an update of their current branding, modernising the logo among other commercial material, as well as creating a new brand image for their Work Horse CMS.